Skill Devolopment-Rajasthan

With the help of DDU GKY project We aim to bridge the rural-urban divide by facilitating the migration of skilled rural youth to urban areas where their skills are in demand, while also encouraging the development of entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities in rural areas.

Here our Aim is to empower youth, women, and other marginalized sections of society by providing them with skill training programs that are aligned with the requirements of the industry. Above mentioned project also aims to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities for the people.

Training Details

Course Candidates
CRM Voice & Non-Voice 200
Retails Sales Associates 200
Logistic Documentation Executives 200
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Skill Devolopment-Harayana

The purpose of the project is to promote inclusive growth by empowering young people from economically weaker sections of society with skills that will help them secure better-paying jobs and improve their standard of living.

We provided 1150+ hours of training in Soft skills , function English, IT and computer literacy. Work Readiness Training is also given as a Finishing module. Domain training is provided by excellent technical trainers which will help candidates to perform in their work areas as well as assimilate in the organization. Tablets were given to candidates to make them aware of technology around them and enhance their skills. PPS (Post Placement Salary) is given to candidates along with placements.

Training Details

  • . Field Management Engineering
  • . No of Candidates-207
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