Telecom optics is a rapidly changing industry where it is crucial to keep pace with fast-moving product trends. The Telecom Optics business within ETPL’s Optics division can help designers of telecom optics products – e.g., Ethernet switches, DWDM long-haul networks, metro systems and last mile solution providers – save costs and get to market sooner.

The Telecommunications industry is one of the most complex industries to operate on a global scale. Telecommunications conglomerates have hundreds of subsidiaries across all five continents, and hundreds of thousands of employees on training. The technology involved is quite heavy as well - with tons of layers, protocols, standards and moving pieces to take care of, both in hardware and software form. All of these are expressed in different terminologies depending on the level and stack an employee operates. ETPL addresses all of their training needs in the most cost- and time-efficient manner.