Telecom jobs are popular nowadays. People love telecommunication jobs because they represent the high tech world we live in.

This is a huge and growing industry. The Indian Telecom industry is amongst the fastest growing industries in the world. Looking at the growth chart of the industry it can be stated that the present progress is very encouraging. With so many new players entering the market and existent players expanding their operations, the telecom revolution in India has been quite exceptional. Around 300 million population of highly consumable middle-class status that is advantageous for the industry surrounds the telecom sector in India. This is because most of the Indian who possess land line telephones can be substituted by mobile phones that are very unlike the developed countries. Therefore, it adds up to the growth in mobile sector in Indian telecom industry and it is one of the leading contributors to India’s flourishing economy.

According to the recent survey, even though growth slowed compared to 2008-09, due to lower investments in the wireless infrastructure, primarily in cellular service equipment, it was still very healthy. The state-run ITI and Tech Mahindra were the new entrants in the V&D Top10 list of telecom equipment vendors in FY 2009-10. The overall telecom equipment revenue in India stood at Rs.136, 833 crore ($28.8 billion) during the fiscal, as against Rs.115,382 crore a year before. This segment will continue to register robust growth in the wake of roll-out of 3G and broadband wireless services.

It is predicted that employment growth in the various occupations in the telecommunications industry is expected to increase by 7% every year. Opportunities are great in a wide variety of companies that make hardware and software and provide services that enable communication.

There has also been a huge surge in telecom jobs in India. The government has issued new licenses and allowed new companies to set foot in the Indian telecom market. Need for telecommunication is increasing at a very fast pace in the country which has created a lot of employment opportunities in both the segments of the industry, namely the service providers as well as equipment providers. From IT job to marketing jobs to sales jobs to retail jobs, this sector has produced jobs in all functional areas. No matter how you look at it or what your specific expertise may be, the telecommunications jobs markets are overflowing with a need for qualified professionals

In fact, there is a dearth of suitable talent in this field that has been the major reason for high salaries in this sector. The industry experts believe that talent crunch in this sector will push salaries even further. With newer technologies such as 3G and Wimax coming in the market, there is a demand for qualified and skilled professionals with knowledge and technical know-how in these fields. Thus, the sector rewards talent in a big way and is on a look out for talent to suit its ever growing demand. In the recent past many telecom companies have entered the Indian market which has resulted in high scale recruitment in this sector. All this has given rise to more jobs on the data, content competencies, handset expertise as well as requirement of professionals who can lead rural expansion. Requirement is in almost all functions like Sales, Marketing, Customer service, IT & Network.

The new players are looking for experienced hands to set up their businesses and the old players are trying to retain their best talent to be able to prosper well. It also provides indirect employment to an equal number of people through retail outlets, prepaid card sellers and tower constructors. Thus, telecom jobs are aplenty to grab in the Indian market.

To pursue a career in the telecom sector, one can pursue telecom engineering or telecom management. There are various degree and certificate level courses for students to pursue in this field to get a head start in the telecom industry. With a booming telecom sector, a career here can be very lucrative. It has attracted a lot of talent in the technical domain to upgrade their skills to become eligible for telecom jobs. There are also immense growth opportunities in this field. And there are jobs for everyone- a degree holder or a diploma holder, a candidate with a part-time certification course or one with a full-time degree. Since the demand for talent is so high, students with suitable qualification can hope to get career break in this field. With the management and technical competencies taken as a prerequisite for most jobs in the sector, the key to success is an innovative mind and high learning ability .For technical employees an engineering degree in electronics & communication, electrical, computer science may be useful while for management professionals, sales and marketing may still remain to be preferred specialization areas offering higher number of opportunities.

Thus, Telecom jobs are the buzzword in the Indian economy today. From being monopolized by the government a few years ago, to opening it to private players, the telecom story of India has come a long way. Thus, a career in the telecom industry opens up many avenues for youngsters. Career growth can be catalyzed for successful individuals who have the ability to sustain the pace. In addition, the opportunity to innovate, experience change, the thrill of speed, the excitement of winning, the satisfaction of contributing to the growth of new India are some added benefits.